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All of us at BeKind Bud Farms have a special love for cannabis and know you do too. Like a good wine or coffee, it takes a precise and dedicated effort through every step of the curation process to achieve a high quality product. Our smooth flavored buzz comes to you pesticide-free and grown in the sunshine of Adams County, so we can guarantee that our BKB Farm brands- BeKind Bud and SunKissed Bud- offer you a naturally cultivated, smooth, smoking experience.

We hold firm to the belief you shouldn’t have to cough to get off and the BeKind family has the literal “cure”. We slow dry our whole plants, not just our buds, negating the harsh flavors that come from trapped fertilizers and fast drying techniques. Our unique drying and slow curing procedure allow for the release of any remaining nutrients, chlorophyll, and CO2 while maintaining perfect moisture content. BKB Farms plants are cared for in a climate controlled environment-preventing that harsh smoke from cannabinoid crystals becoming too dry and compromised. It is this precision that ensures you the finest “l’entourage effectif” or entourage effect, that slow release of potent notes that give each BKB strain its uniquely premium quality.

With so much care going into it, of course, BeKind premium buds, and our value priced SunKissed buds, are treated with the love they deserve. By the time it reaches you, each plant has been handled, evaluated, graded, trimmed and stored with the utmost care. So whether you consider yourself a connoisseur or social, yet conscious, casual smoker the BKB Farm’s family has just the kind of bud you’re looking for.

“We don’t call our company Be Kind Buds for just any reason. We truly are as kind to our buds as they are to you…”

If you love our SunKissed line, look for BeKind Bud coming in February 2018.


Be Kind To Each Other!



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